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The 10 ten Reasons Why to Attend the HPA 10th Anniversary

10. Pig Roast, Chicken Bar BQ , and more…

9. Free music , the tunes you know and love

8. Informative and Entertaining Seminars and Presenters

7. Fun Shooting and Calling Events for young and Old

6. Share a couple beers and a good Campfire with other members

5. To check out some vendors of cool gear and hunting trips.

4. To dunk your favorite HPA Mod or bigmouth and donate to HOAL

3. Its FREE …well most of it.

2. To MEET some of the best friends you never met, but talked too alot.

And the NUMBER ONE reason to Attend the HPA 10th Anniversary Celebration…

1. You WILL BE BANNED on Sept. 21st, 2009 if you DON'T

HOPE to see everyone there.

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HEY Rooster... You forgot about...

10) The aswesome Mile Long 30 Target 3D Trail

9) The Crazy Wild 'DUCK BOAT SHOOTS'

8) The 100yd Muzzleloader Turkey Shoot on Sunday

7) Stat MedEvac landing one of their Helicopters each day

6) The National Guard HumVee and Hemmet on Display

5) The Great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the club house.

4) The chance to get out of doing chores around the house for a weekend

3) The chance to run into our one and only Fox Pro champion in person 'DUFFMAN'

2) The possibility of the landing of an APACHE Helicopter...

1) <span style="color: #3333FF">DID I MENTION THE POSSIBLE LANDING OF AN APACHE ?</span>
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