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410-er said:
Nice job Mccoy,what was your recipe?
I assume you mean the load recipe? I am kinda''s very non-traditional. Colerain .62 smoothbore barrel with no choke. I spent A LOT of time trying everything to get this thing to pattern tight enough for turkeys... Here goes: 80gn FF Goex, 20 gauge Winchester plastic shot cup(meant for reloading modern shotshells), 100gn measure of #5 copper-plated shot, one scoop of Bismuth buffer (well vibrated into the shot by tapping the barrel while all is just below muzzle level), then 1 OS card and shove it home. It gives me 79% patterns at 27 yards. It shoots dirty as heck with this combo, wiping between shots is a must! Plenty of velocity and penetration, but will hafta' get the turks inside 30 yards for sure.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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