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I'm still trying to take my first coyote or fox. Tonight went out early right after dark. Turned on Baby cottontail and at the ten minute mark eyes appeared and disappeared quickly in the brush.

Switched to adult cottontail a little later and 3 coyotes sounded off a few hundred yards away down in the bottom. I played that off an on a little then went to coyote death cry and picked up eyes about 125 yds, definately a coyote. He started circling to our left to get downwind. He was about 100 yds out facing us, I flipped the safe off and just settled in on his chest and he started moving to our left again to get downwind.

I could never get him to stop long enough even muting the call I couldnt get a good shot on him!

Ahhhhhh so close.
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I know the feeling... Went out this evening and made a quick set close to home. Got out of my truck, there stands a fox watching me. He runs off...
Get to my spot, caught eyes again. Gone... Set out caller, get back to spot, and find out batteries are dead??... Replace batteries. Started calling. Within 2 minutes had a fox at 40 yds. It was snowing so hard, I could not see him in the scope, even with the power turned way back... Never did see him sneak off. Then just about hung my truck up in the field... Figured I better just call it a night....
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