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To Kill A King

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Is anybody else watching this on the Outdoor Channel? I'm not s duck hunter anymore, but that show was pretty intense, can't wait for Part 2!
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I watched both episodes. Pretty brutal conditions, not sure I'd be wearing the pushed Under Armor stuff. I'd be wool and goretex up there, you could clearly see everyone was wearing brand new UA stuff too cheesy for me.

I liked the tour of the Benelli factory and the footage of the hunt

All the Under Armor overkill was too much for me. i DVR'd it then deleted it afterwards.....
Was able to handle the new SBE 3 at the outdoor show.

Looks great, points real well. My only concern is it's very light and that recoil operated system will beat you up with such a light shotgun.

Will have to shoot one before dropping $1500+ on one.

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