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I am one that swears to sticking with Stock tires......I have tried changing them, but always end up having issues with either traction or handling.

The problem I find is, people go with larger/more agressive ties...especially on a 750 and bigger, and they lose handling severely.
I have done classes on a larger machine (I have a 650 Prairie) and I couldnt take the corners as quickly and really lose handling through mud holes. I even had one of my master instructors tell me how much they liked the handling of my only response was because of the stock tires.

This is purely my opinion, as I am sure many like the Mudzillas, ITP Mudlites and heavier, more aggressive tires.
I just know in my experiences it seems to work my upper body and kill my arms much faster during a ride.
I also prefer to slide a turn rather than dig into it.
Again to make it clear...this is just my opinion on tires...surely not the same for everyone.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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