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Tionesta Weather Report

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Went up and checked on the camp today. The snow is mostly melted, but the lanes and private roads got a thick layer of ice on them. Even with these couple warm days, I doubt it will melt much, before the next cold moves in. I seen a few places where the residents who live back the lanes had there cars parked out at the blacktop roads. A local told me they haven't got to do much snowmobiling this winter.
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It's gonna be mud season there soon. Here too.
Headed to Lynch/Bluejay this weekend. I was looking forward to NOT shoveling this trip. That may not be the case now....
Henry27. If weather is not to bad may take a ride up. Just to do some scouting. Maybe i will stop by and say Hi.
sounds good! calling for snow tonight thru the weekend

Your just down the road from us. We just closed on a place on Watson Farm Road.
looks like we're headed up tomorrow as well. Fix up weekend hopefully mixed with a little bit of predator hunting. Hope the back roads are passable and not packed down into ice........


Just checked the snowcam at camp Ruffkut and it looks like it's all clear, at least on Whig hill!
Love the snowcam, I check it a couple times a day. I liked when he had the snow gauge and thermometer in the pic, and you could watch it during a snowstorm. The snow was melted, it was the lanes that had quite a bit of ice on them.
what snow cam is that?
I was up the last two weekends. Had 4-5 inches of snow or so this past weekend.

Going back up again Friday.
mossycamo said:
what snow cam is that? They have a snowcam in front f their place on Whig Hill. Very helpful when planning a trip to the area
Headed up this weekend for some predators!
Tcaddis...welcome to the neighborhood and congrats. That area up on Watson Farm is beautiful. I believe there's some pretty big 4th of July blow-outs up there amognst those camps.
Thanks. Sounds like I should spend the 4th up there as well.
anybody know about the amount of snow on the hill between west hickory and tididoute this weekend?
Havent been upriver but it's not that deep up the hill from tionesta. We swapped back and forth between rain and wet snow all day yesterday but the net effect was that we still have 4 to 6" on the ground but it's now heavy wet snow with a healthy crust. My thermometer says 16 but the wind has laid down some.
Thanks, btb.
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