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I would like to suggest that now is the perfect time for a change - a change in our approach to others who share our hobbies/interests and our belief in the 2nd amendment.

I get frustrated at times as i read through threads and watch other sportsmen just bash other sportsmen - calling most every name allowed on this site - calling them everything but a sportsmen. I was especially dismayed when someone whose profile indicated he was a retired WCO resorted to name calling rather than actually debating the points of the posts. I would think that someone who has worked with public would know how to address the public. I would like to assure him I am not a moron, uneducated, etc. I am concerned with what the future holds, if as much for the agendas of others as it is for the individual greed and a lack of tolerance for someone who shares the same core values as you do.

Dont we realize that we can never win an argument based on name calling? Dont we realize that we will never win an argument against an adversary that is united when it seems as if we are not? There is such a thing as respectful dialogue when it comes to debate. Just as we were all apalled when VP Biden acted so arrogantly in addressing candidate Ryan, doesnt it bother you in the least when we do it to each other??

There will be differences of opinion. differences in personal experience with individuals or groups. But does that merit disrespectful dialogue? REALLY. My belief is that none of us are individually capable of winning this fight, it will require all of us supporting a common goal of protecting our interests and rights. And by protecting our rights, we protect our interests. Even when debating the other side, we must do so politely, intelligently but firmly.

But this fighting among our own ranks? It made me consider whether I wanted to participate in this site but i also know this is one of the best ways for me to stay tuned in... I believe 100% in in preserving our rights, and in preserving our heritage. I believe 100% in treating all people right - even those that may threaten what I enjoy. I believe 100% in the 2nd amendment. I believe 100% in the sporting priveleges I am able to enjoy in our state. Save the energy of infighting for something more positive. WE will disagree, yes, but it doesnt mean we need to divide our own ranks in the process...

Respectfully submitted,
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