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My Dad insisted I post this.


Had to share this with you.

I took T&T dove hunting yesterday afternoon. With school and football practice we couldn't get out until the third day of the season but when you're 11 and 12 and you past the Hunter Safety Course three months earlier, two days seems like forever.

I got home from work around 3:30 and the long awaited day had finally arrived, they were so excited I had to calm them down.

They got their camo hats and shirts and I pinned their licenses on their backs. I had happened to put Tommy's license in one of Granddad's old holders. I said to him "this was old Granddads it'll bring you luck." We proceed to load our stuff and head down the road to the farm. I keep stressing gun safety, reminding them about what they learned in class, never to lose focus, use common sense, etc.

The plan was to sit each of them on a bucket seat and walk with the other down the outside of the corn.

I get Timmy set up in a good spot with his seat, gun, water, and give him a few last minute reminders, and leave saying to him "guess what Tim you're hunting".

Tommy and I start walking. I'm keeping him out in front of me to my right so I can keep and eye on him.

We walk for 20 minutes or so and three dove hop up out of the edge of the corn. Tommy raises that old 16 gauge double and pops one off, all I see is a puff of feathers, the first dove on the first day he has ever hunted drops stone cold dead. I can't believe it. Tommy just shot his first bird on the first day he has ever hunted with his first shot.

The day proceeded with both of them taking turns sitting and walking with me and although Timmy didn't score he got some shooting in, just a matter of time.

We got home and the neighborhood game of Man Hunt was about to start so I got a quick thanks from both of them and they wanted to head off. Tommy said "old Granddads' license thing gave me good luck." I smiled and told him to go have fun, I know Granddad was looking down smiling from ear to ear today.

Your two grandsons on their first hunt ever, Tommy gets his first bird with one shot on the 3rd of September.

What an experience. Keeping the tradition alive.

Talk to you over the weekend.

Love T
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