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Well the problem is lack of courage for anyone who knows the truth and doesn’t say what is. The problem with the cowardly republicans for years and years!

More frustrating to me than anything is the media,politicians, law enforcement and leaders, celebrities (conservative ones) that think we just have to go along with and approve of the stupidity the hypocrisy the double standards that the left creates.

Perfect example!!! Our pa. Gov site for coronavirus.
Sex: male, female, “OTHER”
There is NO Other. We allow our government to go along with crap that has no business going on.
We have a health secretary that is mentally incapable of knowing what gender he is and we are suppose to pretend he is a woman or be branded as something we are not because we are rational straight thinking humans that refuse to play fantasy. We have these people in position to make decisions for us ! Wake up America!
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