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Thinking ahead to spring......

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Anyone going to be turkey hunting this year with a flintlock?

One reason I built my smooth bore was in the hopes of using it on at least one turkey hunt. I've already hunted pheasants and squirrels with it, and even though I wasn't successful yet, I had a blast, as I did get to shoot it while afield. I'd love to drop a turkey with it.
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Man, those are some beautiful guns there fellas. Mine looks like a wheel off of Fred Flintstones car as compared to those.....But it does shoot. I'm going to try some heavier loads in it once it gets warm. I'm partial to #6 shot so am looking forward to working up some loads. A friend of mine has been successful using 90 grains of 2fg and 1 3/8 oz of #6. I may try that load as well.
I kept things very simple with my loads. I figured out a way to make up speed loads out of the type of paper from a Hemmings motor news, which holds shot and powder. I use the paper itself for the wadding. I simply crumple up a wad of paper, run it home, tamp it flat, then pour the lead and insert another crumpled wad as an over shot card. It works fairly well, and the shot shoots right through the paper, leaving no doughnut holes in the pattern. I know historically similar methods were used , not that I care to be totally historically correct mind. I wanted a way to reload as fast as possible while pheasant hunting and for me this method works about as good as I'm going to get. Now I haven't tried one with a larger turkey load, but I'm sure my results will be similar to the pheasant loads I've patterned so far. My gun is cylinder bored, so I won't ever get patterns like yours, but if I get results like my pheasant loads have shown me, these loads will get the job done. On a hunt, I'll need only to make up four or five loads similar to a deer hunt( I never carry more than four rounds when deer hunting), as opposed to 10 or 12 for a pheasant hunt
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