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Been doing some thinking about what All I'm going to plant this year in the garden.

I would like to grow some of the things in the back yard and then others at my Buddy's Farm where I have a nice chunk of it to plant on...

Got an idea from watching the History Channel a few months back and been thinking about it since....There is a guy in England or somewhere over across the Large Pond that grows world record carrots. he uses PVC Pipping to get them started then tranfers them to 30 foot long platic sleeves and hangs them from the side of his Barn and grows them there to produce award winning worlds largest Carrots...

So I was thinking on my Onion Deal I do...I love to grow the Walla Walla Sweet Onions...I grow them in a Tractor tire at my Buddy's farm and it works ok but the Ground Hogs love to eat the tops off them and it is hard to get 300 to produce and I'm lucky if I get 100 out of it after the ghogs get their fill!
So I been thinking...get a few pieces of PVC Pipe that is 4-6 inchs round...cut them at 4 inchs a piece and set them on the ground along the garden in the back yard (I know, I'll have to set aside some more room in the yard but I don't think it will need to be all that much) fill the 4 inch pieces of PVC pipe with the Horse Manure and dirt mixture like we put in the Tractor tires to grow the onions and plant the onions in those pvc pipes...I'm thinking 4 inchs should be enough??

Should work, onions do not root all that far down and seeing the pvc pipes pieces would be set ontop of the ground and filled with the mix, they would still be able to push roots down below the mix...the pvc pipe pieces would hold them and really not have to be hilled and 4-6 inchs round should be plenty for the onions to produce nicely ..if hilling came to be needed all I'd have to do is put more mix into the pvc pipe piece! Also thinking of using the pipe pieces later in the fall to grow my Garlic in..

Whats the thoughts?

I'm thinking of also trying smaller sized pvc pipe to grow Parsnips.

If that guy can grow award winning carrots started in pvc pipe then into plastic bags...why would it not work to just use pvc pipe and grown the onions, garlic and parsnips in??
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