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Hunting has changed. Our society and family groups have changed. I can see that as I am older than many here. When I started hunting and going to camp we always had so many people that our camp roster was full. In most cases all were related family members [25 people to a roster, don't know if that is still a requirement in PA]. Those were the days when 22 of the 25 rifles used were Model 94 Winchesters in 30-30. Nobody had a scope on their rifle.

It seems like today everyone is too busy to really hunt, our society is much more mobile. There are not those big groups getting together for a week to hunt. Even in the old days when you killed a deer you still stayed most of the week to work as a driver.

As society changes everything associated with it changes. I think it mainly began to change in my time and I regretted some of it. As a kid I was always going to live in Clinton County and hunt and fish. I've lived in three different countries and numerous states. And have greatly missed how it was back then.

I can't judge what is better. There are more and better conservation programs now. There is also less hunting habitat now then in the past so we have to manage better. Now people say there are not deer in the north central area but back then Clinton, Potter, and Lycoming were loaded with deer.

People are smarter now about our environment and game populations. As hunters we also need to be smarter than in the past and become involved in the various aspects affecting our sport. We don't want to lose the opportunity to teach our kids and grand kids what we have enjoyed so much.
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