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Anyone have good success with them ? i read mixed reports any good reports from HPA users ...???? Thx Trapperdave
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Dave, I have so so reports. Some days I feel it and some days I feel like I don't. Either way, I use them and have yet to have really cold feet
My toes are always cold. Bought a pair of these 3 years ago, and now I will not hunt without them.
wow thx for the replies they reportedly designed to keep at a set temp not hot just right , so one may not notice, but yet doesnt have cold feet . i suffer from cold feet alot. Tried about everything now im running hot toes adhesive attached to sock .. yes and no on these if you get to marching around in them you will be removing them for sure . still im on the fence on the thermocells as 80 -100 bucks is a lot of toe warmers .. we all really want a product that works , holds , up is the go to item .. im surprised that thermo cell hasn't had a dead -on upgraded unit after the time since they have been on the market . but they may be at their top end item in their design . so no changes ... ant other readers have solid reports for the hpa community and thx again for the replies we have lets hear them gang !!
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One more thing i was on ebay just a moment ago again still looking at them and still held off for now ... i wanted to add to this on cold feet are BOOTS, i learned this awhile back as for a second season or stand hunt in lower tempos or on a steel treestand base etc... Heres a solid repot on a boot that has proven itself time and again ... MILITARY SURLUS MICKEY MOUSE BOOTS thats right MICKEYS sportsmans guide has the new at get this $35 bucks i paid that years ago , and these are still going strong ,talk about tough boot . but the are heavy bulky funny looking but WORK . I spent well over one hundred bucks for a top brand boot for dicks , guy says no problem if your feet get cold return them ..well one hunt they were back i forget the brand but were top of the line . then mickeys sportsmans guide . i can honestly say these ugly ducklings are the boot to end cold feet . add a toe warmer u can hunt all day sits no problems. ive marched in these as well drives etc been there did it . but this report is on thermocell, im a gadget guy and if something gets the job done im in . so before mickey season hunts my mid season boot can still get cold thats the reason for the thermocell investigation . hey hard earned money needed be foolishly spent and research is the first thing i do before i buy ANYTHING , and there still been back and forth reports on thermocell inserts .. so im in a holding pattern ... for now ... other replies welcomed , add to this for report to solve a major issue in the outdoors mans world
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LONG WINDED REPORT UPDATE Forgot to mention this to readers under amour neoprenne hunting boot . ill post model at end of this write -up. these were on clearance at marshells two seasons back . 40 bucks . absolute bargain .. end of season sale and sorry i didn't grab a second pair .. this has been my early season midseason go to boot as of now and am going to grab a second pair this end of season if they have them again they did this year and i forgot about it and called late but they sold out .. these as excellent .Under Armour Men's UA H.A.W. 800g Hunting Boots these list 127 on amazon . and if you can get your size below 80 do it ... google review as always and strike .. well made high quality for 40 was crazy deal ..
I thought about getting the thermacell insoles but heard nothing but bad reports about them
Im telling you i read mixed reviews and again last night i was on ebay waiting to bid but still ended passing , again . Shame we want a superior product to resolve this outddoors persons most vulnerable area to protect from the elements.. someday there will be solid prefoming product where reviews are go buy this now results .. im not knocking Thermecell products as we all know this is real and a tough issue to resolve .. thats why they are not flying off the shelves .... still holding in america for spent radiation power insoles to FEEL THE BURN..... TD
Check out Under their "Does it really work?" program they worked fine except for the fact they almost caught fire! As I remember they gave a thumbs down.
Bob that would sure keep your feet warm. lol
It would be interesting to see what people thought it they only put it in one of their boots. Then see if that foot was more comfortable than the foot in the non-heated boot. Even better, have your wife put the thermocell one and not tell you which one and see if you can tell which one has it.
If it is THAT cold out I'll pass on hunting that day! I have more problems with cold fingers than I do feet. Good boots and socks for me!
I have had the early model of the insoles and had horrible results. They worked exactly three times before the left one totally quit and would not get warm. I thought--ok--I'll be sure. Charged them and put them in the freezer for an hour and sure enough the left one was trash. Took them back and received another set--same results--failure. This time the right one failed. OH--by the way I did NOT have them in my boots while walking. Waited till I was at the stand and put them in and turned them on so I do not believe I created any flexing issues of the insole that would have caused failure.
I have had friends who tried the newer so called active model of the insole. I know of three failures of these where the insoles were NOT worn or in boots while on the way to the stand. They did as I did and put them in when they got to the stand so as NOT to flex or perhaps create any undue stress from flexing of the insole. ALL three of those folks had failures of the insoles only be able to use them 3 or 4 times at most before they quit working.
I will give them credit for nice packaging of the product but they are far too expensive for a product that I personally have failures and know others who have. I have seen this first hand--not some [censored] story that is third hand info.
Do yourself a favor---DO NOT waste your hard earned money.
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I have them and used them maybe 8 or 9 times last year and they worked well for me. Haven't checked them to see if they are still working this year but I can't say anything bad about them. They were a gift.
Since reporting and still in a holding pattern for real feet warmers with a positive track record , i found a pair of overboots on craigslist for $20 ice breakers so yes sleeping bags for boots but we will see at 9 am after sitting three hours in nov. morning in huntingdon co trees lol man i hate cold feet ... they seem light enough to carry on my belt along with the dicks store of u have to have it to hunt gear . thx trapperdave
i was five minutes from bailing out of my tree couple years back at 9 o clock feet were toast next thing a 10 pt trotting down right to me 17yrd stopped him with some nah nah nah's ... perfect shot went 80 yrds piled up, that is burned into the deer hunting memories forever ... good luck stay safe
in my opinion they are junk tried some new ones you put in your boots but you don't have to stick them worked great for about 5 hrs
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