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The whole crew

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These are my pups from my Field Champion. They are the future of my pack...Lots of potential here
Dasey- Ranger- Doc- Ziggy- Pearle-

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good lookin litter ya got there. looks like the second and third one are going to be the biggest and maybe the strongest out of the group. Good luck with them
Bring em' all to Maine!!!!!!!!
Nice lookin pups.

They smile about like you though

Who did you breed her to ?

John L
i saw that fourth pup ziggy is going to be the best he just looks like he is so serious all ready. He cant wait for a rabbit
Nice looking pups
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George I believe you may be right...John, they are by FC Nevil's Deacon. He is off FC Burdette's Little Darbin
great lookin pups buddy
Nice pups and great pic. THe biggest in the middle with the two the same on the end. Too bad the fence is in there.
Golly, those are nice looking rascals. I can hear 'em from here.
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