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Right now, all we are hearing about is how the use of "military-style assault weapons" in mass killings has become an epidemic and how banning them along with "high capacity" magazines will end the carnage.

Well here is the truth about what weapons were used is some of the deadliest mass murders in history.

In 1991, in Killeen, TX, George Hennard murdered 23 people and injured 20 others using a Glock 17 and a Ruger P89.

In 2009, in Binghamton, NY, Jiverly Wong murdered 13 people and injured 4 using 2 Beretta hanguns, 1 in .45 and 1 in 9mm.

In 1984, James Huberty murdered 21 people and injured 19 others in San Ysidro, CA with a Browning HP, a Winchester 1200 12 gauge, and an Uzi (which is considered a handgun due to its barrel length).

In 1949, in Camden, NJ, Howard Unruh murdered 13 people and injured 3 others using only a Luger pistol.

And those are just some of the worst ever in the US. There are far worse massacres in other parts of the world.

In 1986, in Columbia, Campo Delgado murdered between 28-30 people and injured 15 with nothing more than a knife and a .32 revolver.

In 1995, in France, Eric Borel killed 15 people and injured 4 with a .22 hunting rifle, a hammer, and a baseball bat.

In 1989, also in France, Christian Dornier killed 14 and injured 8 with a hunting rifle and a shotgun.

I could go on but you can see it all on the list. Fact is that "assault rifles" are not an "epidemic" as so many claim. Many, many people are killed in these sprees with handguns and hunting rifles.

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The libs attack this stuff to use it to sell to their constituents for re-election, not for curbing actual crimes or saving kids from a school shootings.

Actually, it seems that Adam Lanza actually left the AR15 in the car and did his "work" with just 2 handguns, but the truth is quite hard to find.

Pretty hard to sell "assault weapons ban" if he didn't use one, but of course the media will circle the wagons to protect their narrative. Hail King Obama.
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