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The Stupidity of a Few Hurts The Cause

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Have you seen the news articles on the accidental shootings at gun shows? The irresponsible behavior of a couple individuals will surely reflect badly on all gun owners.

In one case (as it is reported) someone was taking a shotgun to the show with the intent to sell it. As they were checking the weapon at the door, while taking it OUT OF THE CASE it went off and sprayed people.

Really? Leaving a loaded shotgun in the case? Does this person have kids or grandkids around the home?

We all know that if you're not using the weapon for sporting or hunting purposes, or carrying it for personal protection, then it should be unloaded.

Another incident was a DEALER had a gun go off, he had removed the magazine but there was one in the pipe, so I assume it was some kind of semi-auto pistol. What are we all taught (or should be taught) in our HTE classes? When you pick up any gun, ASSUME IT IS LOADED and check it. Twice. A gun dealer should be at the top of the list of people who know this.

I don't believe anyone was handling these guns for personal protection in all these cases. So for safety's sake, no reason to have them loaded.

All gun owners have a responsibility to be as safe as possible, because it is incidents like these that can influence the opinions of the people on the fence on the gun issue. We don't need any kind of incidents to help the antis show just how "dangerous" guns are.

Please, keep the argument that no one may have "broken a law" in any of these cases. There is also no law against flinging yourself off of the edge of the Grand Canyon, would you advocate doing that?

In these times, as gun owners, we must all try to remain vigilant for safety in our own use of guns AND all of our friends and colleagues.

If you see someone doing something unsafe, and NONE of us are immune to a forgetful "Senior Moment", please remind them in a respectful way. Not to chastise them, but because you care about them individually and as a gun owner in general.

We gotta have each others' backs on this one, as one little seed of negativity will be grown into a forest of bad news in the media and politics.
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These accidents were absolutely avoidable, as are most gun related accidents.
Sadly, the left wing media, and others, will showcase these accidents as the norm when it comes to firearms owners.
yea i agree. dumb! Dumb! DUMB!! It is incredibly have a weapon loaded when your trying to sell it. Common sense tells you that..It is incredibly dumb for a dealer to have guns loaded....unsafe gun handling...dumb , dumb dumb...pointing a gun in an unsafe direction..dumb...pointing a loaded gun in an unsafe direction..incredibly. DUMB!!!...for as well educated as many claim to sure do some stupid stuff...and it hurts all of us.
Dumb, unless it was planned.... Just sayin, it perpetuates the gun myths supported by the left.
I absolutely agree that these were DUMB accidents, that could have and should have been prevented. Worst part is that the media and others will portray these accidents as normal.
There were five accidents involving how many people handling firearms yesterday? I would say it's a pretty small percentage. Yes, ZERO should have been the number but there are stupid people among us.
How many car accidents happened yesterday by stupid driving? Don't know, because it's not going to be headline news as these accidents will be!
Accidents are just that, Accidents. Every gun coming in the door should be showed to be cleared and zip-tied chamber open...obviously, this an example of NOT checked.

A leftie "journalist" will paint their own mother as a crazed killer with a gun if they are given the opportunity. They have no credibility. None. We all know that, but there are plenty of sheep that eat this stuff up and use it as fact. We aren't just fighting the Regime, we are fighting "the press" that do not practice journalism anymore.
At a show in gettysburg saturday and they had 2 people checking each gun as they entered the building.....
How many vehicle "accidents" make the national news ?

The national media contributes greatly to the problems in America today.
Any time I take or give possesion of a firearm I remove the magazine and cycle the action at least 3 times.Even then the safety is on.I then know it is unloaded.If I hand you a firearm and you cycle the action,after I just did,I like you.You are most likely a safe person by doing so.I don't have a problem having a gun show checking me.They should check all arms brought in by even by vendors.Except leave carry weapons out of it if you have a LTCF.If you don't have a LTCF and are armed they should be required to call the police.Open legal carry is not what I'm talking about.I'm talking a concealed weapon.
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