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The spirit rope .

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Spirit. A short meaning is: A force of being alive!
I was given this rope by my Grandfather. It is an 8 foot piece of Bull rope 1/4 inch in diameter? There is a loop woven on one end and black tape on the other. The tape keeps it from unwinding.
Grandpap worked in the open hearth in the steel mills. He had very little time to hunt but hunted rabbits and had dogs. As i remember hunted deer when he could get a Monday off?
In the late 50s he contacted TB and was in a TB hospital for a long time. When he made it home a short time later my Grandmother passed away from heart trouble! To make things worse he driving to a store {We lived in a rural area} 5 miles from home and a heating oil tank truck slid on an icy road and hit his car broad side. He spent a long time in the hospital!
He tried to continue hunting after that but was just too messed up. He also had become very grouchy!
I went to see him one day after school and he had pile of his hunting clothes on a chair? Here, he says , you can have these i can't go anymore. This was 1962. I carried the stuff home and then looked it over. In the game pocket of the canvas brush coat was this rope!
This rope has been in my hunting coats ever since. I first got to use it on a deer in 1966,a nice buck. The last time i used it was in 2015 on a buck buck. It has been used quit a bit over the years? Every time i get it out i get a tingling feeling like he is there with me!
Thats over 50 years i've carried and now i feel it is time to pass it and its spirit on to my "LITTLE BILL". He is to be 5 years old and you can see he has the hunters spirit in him. He loves the woods and streams and goes with his dad often.
I feel he will know my Grand fathers and his Grandfathers SPIRIT in the rope when he uses it some day!
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A wonderful piece of hunting family history to pass down the little man!
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