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by Day C. Yeager

When I was just a little boy, I used to watch him go
to a fishing spot far up the stream, where most men failed to go.
When he returned, he wore a smile, this man i learned to love
As he recounted of his find- a pool that lay above.

He said that no man could go there and not return to find
A better life among the faults that have beset mankind.
He gained an inner peace within the dark and shady glen
And spiritual growth that made of him the tallest of tall men.

Then, one day, he passed beyond the pool that lay above,
No more to bring his gifts to man of honesty and love.
In sadness, I walked up the stream in hope that I might find
An answer to this life and death that has perplexed mankind.

My thoughts of Him took me beyond the pathways made by man,
And led me to a shady spot, a dark and lonely glen.
A strange and holy quietness seemed to fill the air,
as though my very presence spelled a doom to creatures there.

A blue jay spoke in whisperd tones, a squirrel sped from sight;
A frightened doe nudged her two fawns, and urged them to take flight.
I quietly dropped beneath a pine, and as i settled there
I heeded a compulsion to genuflect in prayer.

When I looked up, my eyes fell on an object near at hand
A fishing hat with several flies stuck in the sweat stained band
was hung with care upon a limb. I knew that I had found
The pool above that he had loved. My heart began to pound.

I placed the hat upon my head, and felt an untold glow;
A newfound strength came over me for I was soon to know
What God had planned in this small glen, where one had learned to love
The creatures here and men beyond, before he went above.

I learned that in the stream of life, each and every man
must leave lifes dull and beaten paths if he would be Gods man,
to gain an earthly happiness that comes alone with love
Before he travels lifes last mile, to the one last pool above.

As I stood there, the doe came back to stand erect and proud;
the blue jay spun his threads of song that echoed far and loud.
The little squirrel came back to sit upon his favorite seat,
The forest seemed to come alive with breezes, soft and sweet.

A hungry trout rolled merrily, I watch a hatch take birth
As all Gods creatures entered in a song to Mother Earth.
I knew they thought that I was one that they had learned to love,
And vowed that I should live a life like He, who fished above.

I placed the hat where it had hung and promised to return,
Whenever in my heart i found that hate and sin should burn.
I'd speak with God and all his friends 'till here one day I'd sit
Among them all and feel secure I wore a hat that fit.

I'd learn to love my fellow man as one had done before,
Until the day my travels ceased along lifes weary shore.
Then I can join the Dad I've lost and share again his love,
As we fish side by side once more in the great pool above.
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