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Back in the eighties when I first started catching a few fox. ya all know that feeling you get when your hooked on something,well my grand dad got hooked too.Picture this a 13 year old kid being asked by his 60 some year old grand dad to borrow a trap. Whatcha gonna catch I asked. A fox. He responded.Well you know I told him fox are pretty smart critters you just can't go around setting traps and expect to have fox jumping into takes time and practice to get the first one!Do you want to read some of my books? No I just want to borrow one of your traps.SO I went and put a trap in a plastic bag and took it to him.Make sure you wear rubber gloves I said.Why he asked as he took it out of the bag to examine it.Never mind. Do you want some urine bait and lure too? Nah don't need any of that fancy stuff he said.Bout an hour later gramps walked out back the barn and into the pasture,with the trap a roll of wire and his 12 gauge.Not more than ten minutes passed before I heard a shot so I peeked around the corner of the barn and saw gramps back in the pasture close to the creek with what looked to be a nice fat rabbit.I watched him for a few minutes and could tell he was setting the trap right there where he had cleaned it.I Went on back to the house and soon he returned with the rabbit carcass.He went to watch the news and I snuck back to have a look at his set.Well as soon as I saw it I laughed OMG I thought you can't even get a grinner in this joker set.There was the trap plainly sitting out in the open with fur and rabbit gut trailing down to the creek bottom.When I got back I told gramps ya aint gonna get no fox in that set,he said aint's not a word and we'll see.Well I could see no point arguing with old school so I let it be.He checked that trap every morning for what seemed like a month,I'd tell him ya gotta cover the trap with dirt,ya gotta put some urine around it.I even showed it to some of my trapping buddies and they all laughed.Then early one morning while I am still sleeping feel something tickling my face then I hear hey kid wake up I want you to see something and as I roll over I get a pretty good whiff of fresh fox and there is gramps holding a live red over me by skin on its neck,What do you think now he said. Where did you get that I said? in my trap. He looks like a nice one might get 40 or 45 dollars for it. nah I'm gonna make him a cage and let him prime up.He said.Which he did but he ended up letting it go after a few weeks.I sure was proud of him and he was going to do more trapping but had a accident on the farm in 1986 and spent the next 17 years parylized from the neck down. I would show him every fox ,yote, mink that I Caught a tell him every tale he was great he loved PA having hunted around cooks forrest every year from sometime in the sixties till 1985 when he shot a fine 8 point on his final deer hunt to PA. he always stayed at Mcbeths cabins I belive the same one for many years. Even though he had a big buck stolen there off the porch he always belived it was someone who needed the meat to feed his family
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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