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shootbowtech said:
So basically once again, Mathews has failed to come out with some good new technology, and some good new bows. Dead Lock Riser technology? Come on... Its gonna draw and shoot like a reezen. That monster 7.0 will actually sell now that average people can shoot it, but I'm sure they didnt improve the draw cycle, or make it any better balanced. They disappoint me again this year.
Didnt bowtech,PSE and Hoyt copy Mathews? I think the singlecam, Paralell limbs,shorter light weight bows were Mathews innovations copied by the others to say they havent come out with anything new when a whole company(Bowtech) was formed by copying another (Mathews) is a little misleading. How many true innovations aside from pivoting limbs which Oneida had years ago has Bowtech offered...Not saying a Bowtech is not a good bow but they have copied Mathews......and continue to do so
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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