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The new hunter scores big...

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My son Mike (9 yrs) scored his first deer on opening day as a Mentored Youth 8-Point fighter...50 yd shot with his Win 94 Trapper in .45 Colt...right on the money!!!

"I got him!"

"It's got 8-Points!"

"I'll drag it!"

Proud Men

My First Deer - 11/30/2009
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Awesome!!! Congratulations!
5BH20FOWL said:
Awesome!!! Congratulations!
Way to go 'lil man!
Haha thats great, looks like he can't stop smiling... Congrats on a good hunt
doesnt get any better then that i'm sure!!!
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Great Stuff, the smile tells the story!!
Priceless memories for both of you.....Congrats to the lad for his fine shot and first buck.....

The smiles tell the whole story.

Continued success to both of you.....

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Fantastic! Congrats!
Congratulations to the young man on his trophy !!!
Congrats to the boy, his smile says it all. Forever in the memory.
That is awesome..he's hooked for life!
Congrats!! That's what it's all about.

Nice! That is a memory that this young man will not likely let escape.
That's awesome, congrats to him on his fine harvest.
Super! Congratulations to the little guy.
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