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traditional archery
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from.... promoting Anti hunting... to Gun control... to manipulating elections... I'm to the point i have no time for them...When will people wake up to the damage our media does. I believe in freedom of the press. Let em yammer on...but it goes in one ear and out the next..For instance...they make it a point to blow up all the gun violence.. Frankly i think it just gives some other nut job an idea to go down in a blaze of glory. Do yourself a favor...start looking up statistics like...gun related deaths....medical staff errors that cause accidental death...Automobile deaths....deaths due to smoking, drinking and drug related deaths...deaths due to our poor eating habits ect......You'll soon see guns should be the least of our worry's. Yet the media just loves to jump on all this violence and ride it for all it's worth.

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lets face it, sensational news sells, and the longer it is the lead news story, the more words they can use that excite, stun, etc to grab someones attention, thats what they will do. I worked for a daily newspaper for 18 years, and every day at 445, a group of us got together to discuss the next days paper - and that decisionw as driven based on what would sell that newspaper with the 10" inches that is above the fold. At least on the local level, I dont think they are driven by anything other than sales, and i believe that applies to all media types. Once you get national, again, they will 'color' a story, and maybe they are trying to drive some agenda..... again, it shocks, scares, all the things that bring attention....

Once you remove all the 'coloring' to a story, then you are left with the story.... but that doesnt happen often....

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I agree and that is why I would like to see a law passed that the media, (TV, radio or newspaper) can鈥檛 use the name of anyone who kills more than one person. The only place the name ever shows up is in the crime report. Way too many people are looking to commit suicide but want to have their name remembered so they do something horrific to have their name remembered and perhaps go down in history.

I say they should NEVER use the name of the person in any media reports and just refer to them as a 20-year-old mad man, a 60-year-old nut case, a 30-year-old lunatic, etc鈥.. you get the idea. If they stop using the names there is no longer any glory in taking others with you when you decide to end it all or go on some type of rampage.

Dick Bodenhorn

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Media, in more than a small part, newspaper and television, is in trouble because of the internet. I now get news on the internet, that can be read or not read, ignored or studied. With news media, everyone must stay with whatever the television media chooses, whether waiting for it for ten minutes, twenty minutes, or longer. The only instant vote we have is to ignore it and not watch it.

If it's so important, they'll be news on it the next day. On the internet.

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Remember when CBS phila had 15 min of John Facenda doing local news & weather followed by 15 min of world news w/ Walter Cronkite?

Now they take the hot news from 6pm & 11pm and rebroadcast it from 0400 - 0700 the next day and then edit it down and show it again the next morning.

I agree w/ R.S.B. they shouldn't be allowed to use the name to give these nut jobs their notoriety.
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