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In no particular order:

The smell of the fall leaves in archery.

Seeing the mooonlight filtering down through the fall leaves as I'm in my treestand waiting for it to get light.

Having squirrels climbing up the tree next to me and trying to figure what the heck I am.

Quiet time to be alone with my thoughts.

Spending time with my hunting buddy Bob during rifle deer season.

Telling my 9 year old daughter about my hunt.

My 9 year old daughter wanting to hear about my hunt.

The feel of the breeze on my face.

The sound of birds chirping.

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gobble4me said:
Hearing Dad's gun go off

setting each decoy individually in the perfect position cause each one matters

watching everyone do their part in the morning while setting the rig. you can see the excitement in everyone and hear it in their voice.

walking into the woods a few steps behind dad just wondering whats going on in his head.

that cold clean crisp air and the seeing the breath after knowing in a few moments the woods will be alive.

packing up the night before a hunt full of anticipation for the morning to come.

just getting out with dad, seems "he doesnt have the time" much anymore...

passion, commitment, anticipation, dedication, beauty, calm and peaceful.... just you and your thoughts.

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Getting out and checking off the list all the little things I'll need for hunting, all the cool stuff I take w/ me every time, but never seemed to really need.

sitting for hours on end, thinking

feeling nice and toasty warm after finally reaching my spot

talking w/ everyone at lunch as to what everyone saw

...and probably my favorite; ribbing eachother back and forth while small game hunting. Where insults bring you closer together.

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Good post, there is to many things but I'll try to name a
some of my favorites.

The smell of the fall air on a crisp morning when the leaves
are falling all around you.

The first gobble of the springtime.

Being out on a cool fall night and hearing a coyote howl in
the darkness.

Hearing the woods come alive in the mornings.

Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Watching my bird dog go on point and waiting to hear the
sound of a rooster pheasant flushing from the cover.

The image of a deer or two or three coming to shape in the
first or last light of the day.

The proud but also somber moment when you first kneel down
and put your hands on your buck's antlers.

Taking aim on the first squirrel of the season in the fall

That unmistakable thump of hearing a squirrel or crow you
just shot hit the ground after a long fall.

Watching a trout rise and suck in your dry fly of the top
of a steady pool in the river.

The thanks I get from my nephews everytime I take them out
hunting or fishing.

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Watching my setter work like crazy,then slam on point.
Hearing the raucus cackle of a big ol cock pheasant,as he flushes from the tall grass.
Waiting for,all the guys get to deer camp.
Thinking about all of those that I shared past hunting experiences with that are now at camp with the Lord.
Watching deer seak through the woods,not knowing that I am watching them.
Spending time at camp,anytime of the year.
Sharing in the success, of others.
Listening for the first shots of the deer season.

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there is nothing like the night before season when your up all nght thinking about all the other hunts u have been involed in
the leaves restling in november when you know there is a buck chasing doe or
the first morning of turkey when the birds are going nuts on the roost
gotta love it

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For me it was spending some time alone with my dad. We would meet sometime through out the day and just start talking and at that moment really didnt care if we got anything. One year ago he went home to be with the Lord and now I enjoy remembering what we would probably be talking about right now.

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Watching the younger hunters grow with each passing season till they no longer kids...

The smile of a successful youth hunter... NOTHING like it!!

Breakfast before the first day.....

That first hot cup of coffee at camp.....

Spending time w/ all the fella's at camp....

The ride back to camp after a day afield, wondering who got what & the stories, that follow....

That first turkey gobble of spring, when your hunting...

Hearing the first drive of the new deer season....

Using the high beams on the truck to better see a buck hanging on the meat pole....

Hearing the wake up tree talk from a flock of roosted turkeys in the fall.....

The smile of knowing whats to come after hearing that fall tree talk...

The first call I make, that seems to shatter the silence of the woods, but was made so very quiet....

The pre-dawn shiver, that runs thru me every morning, I'm in the woods.....

Looking up at the stars, while walking in to my stand...

Hearing a shot and knowing it's one of the camps younger hunters...Story to follow after dark....

Hearing the breathing of a younger hunter sitting between your legs, when they first see that turkey.

Watching the gun barrel make 3-6" circles after they do see the turkey....

The utter disbelief on their face, when they miss.....

The look in their eyes, when they don't miss....

That wisp of wood smoke that runs under your nose standing on the back porch of camp with that first cup of coffee....

Watching it start to snow from my favorite treestand....

Sliding those comfy, cozy worn out favorite pair of Danner's on my feet for one last trip on the mountain....

Wondering where you lost that other glove at....

Reading the camp log book during the Sunday before deer season....

Feeling the warmth of camp and smelling that hot food, when you walk in the door.....

That feeling of peace and contentment right before I fall fast asleep at camp....

The feeling, I get when I'm packing to head to camp and knowing, I'll be there Tomorrow....

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This is truly a great post idea. for me some of the things i enjoy:

The sound of the coffee pot starting up right before the alarm goes off on any day I'm hunting.

The sound of a flock of geese comming in to your setup in the morning fog. sounds like there right on top of you but no sign of them yet.

The sound of my bolt on my 30-06 closing as I load up for the hunt.

Hearing a gobble in the predawn darkness.

Hearing a shot close by and wondering if they hit or missed.

Watching a diffrent game animal that is not in season while on stand hunting another type. (bear during spring gobbler)

The sight of smoke comming out of the cabin's wood stove pipe at the end of a hunt . Knowing its going to be nice and warm inside.

Telling the young guy at camp some stories about his grandfathers and father that they never would want him to hear.

Hearing stores about your grandfather or father while they are sitting there.

The excitement of taking that first step off the cabin porch on opening day feeling the ground underfoot.

Watching my daughter's excitement when she hears a flock of geese or hears a gobble.
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