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Awesome post... great idea.

I love the slow build of anticipation once July 4th rolls around. Seems every year that is when I put the game face on.

I love the first day in a stand every year, makes me reminisce of the past and what will be in the future.

I love the first morning of rifle season... while I was in the stand for 2 months already, nothing compares to that morning.

I love the smell of a true fall morning... and love the sight of it as well.

I love a cold crisp, hear a pin drop morning in Novemeber... seems the bucks are always on their feet. And you can hear and see them from a mile away.

I love watching everybody else get excited for the seasons approaching.... while I don't need anybody to give me a boost, this gives me a little extra every year.

I love camp... love it. Would not trade it for anything. Being with friends and family, walking the same hills my ancestors did, is priceless. Campfires and food are always better at camp. I tried finding the reason but failed.

I love the traditions thsat go along with our PA seasons... every year is a new chapter to the book.

I love the comradery that goes with hunting... the laughing, the joking, the busting stones... most importantly, the meeting of new friends and the stronger bonds of old friends.

I love the passing down of hunting itself... from Father to Son... from friend to friend. It makes for some great memories of both materialistic items, and those that we only hold in our hearts and memory. Whether it be a model 760 or 700, or a story about Great Grandpap and his first or last buck.

I love the sentimental values one can gain from hunting... and even more importantly, the respect for fellow hunters and other people in general. I have learned hunters are some of the best people that walk the face of the planet.

I love the smile on a face when they harvest a deer, especially their first... you know deep down they are hooked for life, and that is what that smile says.

I love to love hunting... LOVE IT!
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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