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The little things

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What are some of the little things that you enjoy about hunting? I was thinking about this while on stand today. A few of mine in no particular order....

The sound of an owl calling at dawn or dusk.

Hearing a shot that you know one of your friends or family just made and knowing they scored.

A hot meal after a cold day of hunting. It always seems to taste a little better than usual.

That moment before daylight on the first day of rifle, when you're full of anticipation.

Sitting on stand during one of those hard snowfalls with really big flakes.

The smell of freshly fired blackpowder.

Being in a treestand on a cold, frosty, blue sky morning in early November. Those always seem to be the best.

I could go on but let's hear some of yours.
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Watching it get dark during archery when the leaves are just starting to fall.

The smell of Hoppe's #9.

When the first nip of winter is in the air and you catch a wiff of woodsmoke.

Dad's lighter in my pocket and Pap's Savage 99 over my shoulder.

The feeling of satisfaction when you make the last cut and a beautiful backstrap comes free.

Deer neck BBQ
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Great post Eyefromthesky
Heres a few off the top of my head!!

The sight of my breath on a brisk morning.

The passing flock of noisy Canadians.

The handshakes and well wishes as we depart.

The sudden appearance of deer sneaking through the crabs.

The last twitches of life as the smoke clears.

The excitement in the eyes of my children.
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The silence.......

The thought of" I'm the only one in these woods today".......

Seeing a shooting star in the pre-dawn sky.....

The look on my son's face when he hears the first gobble of the season......
Great stuff guys! Keep 'em coming!
The smell of the woods in the fall, can't describe it
but you know what I mean.

The way the 760 feels in my hands, like it belongs

That first response in the fall turkey woods.

The way my Old Man's Columbia Gortex parka still
smells like him, even after being gone 20 years.
Awesome post... great idea.

I love the slow build of anticipation once July 4th rolls around. Seems every year that is when I put the game face on.

I love the first day in a stand every year, makes me reminisce of the past and what will be in the future.

I love the first morning of rifle season... while I was in the stand for 2 months already, nothing compares to that morning.

I love the smell of a true fall morning... and love the sight of it as well.

I love a cold crisp, hear a pin drop morning in Novemeber... seems the bucks are always on their feet. And you can hear and see them from a mile away.

I love watching everybody else get excited for the seasons approaching.... while I don't need anybody to give me a boost, this gives me a little extra every year.

I love camp... love it. Would not trade it for anything. Being with friends and family, walking the same hills my ancestors did, is priceless. Campfires and food are always better at camp. I tried finding the reason but failed.

I love the traditions thsat go along with our PA seasons... every year is a new chapter to the book.

I love the comradery that goes with hunting... the laughing, the joking, the busting stones... most importantly, the meeting of new friends and the stronger bonds of old friends.

I love the passing down of hunting itself... from Father to Son... from friend to friend. It makes for some great memories of both materialistic items, and those that we only hold in our hearts and memory. Whether it be a model 760 or 700, or a story about Great Grandpap and his first or last buck.

I love the sentimental values one can gain from hunting... and even more importantly, the respect for fellow hunters and other people in general. I have learned hunters are some of the best people that walk the face of the planet.

I love the smile on a face when they harvest a deer, especially their first... you know deep down they are hooked for life, and that is what that smile says.

I love to love hunting... LOVE IT!
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I love hanging a new stand and the anticipation that it brings.

I love hunting in the woods alone with my bow in a tree overlooking my property. The deep down feeling that I only get there....THIS is where I'm meant to be, THIS is what gives me the most satisfaction....
for the traditional muzzleloading crowd.........
the first night at rendezvous as the light fades and candle lamps and campfires start winking on all over camp, generally preceded by the sound of bagpipes.
hearing the sound of footsteps in crunchy leaves coming your way. You can hear them you just can't see them....yet

walking with my Dad to our stands every year

the smell of a freshly spent round

the quiet in the woods after the shot

hearing the wind coming from two mountains away before you feel it in your face

smell of the fall woods

settling into your stand in the wee hours before daylight

the sound of the first drumming grouse in the spring
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Every year when deer hunting i listen for that distant sound of the train whistle!Been hearing it since 1977!Love it!
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the pure silence before dawn the musky smell of the woods then one by one the birds and squirells and such start to come to life just to be there and witness mother nature come to life is what its all about for me
Welcoming the new arrivals to camp by helping them unload their gear the Saturday before rifle season.

The smell of wood stove smoke from outside the camp as you look at the stars in the night sky.

Cracking open that first cold beer after settling in to your seat at camp to recap the days hunt and drives.

The feeling that you recognize as real cold when you leave the comfort of camp and step on to the front porch and you feel the sting on your cheeks and makes you take quick shallow breathes.

When you hear someone yell "got blood over here!"
The most gentle of breezes, the ghost breeze, that you hear because there are absolutely no other noises.
I love the moment of truth, when you draw on an animal and everything else around just disappears and your focus is on one primal thing. Time seems to slow almost to a stop and you remember everything.

Setting stands and shooting during the summer months - its almost like getting a present, you don't know what will happen next.

Connecting with friends that you only see during hunting seasons
Hearing a gobbler all morning gobble from my treestand in archery
My young boys calling me on the talkabout after done hunting
The smell of fall
Walking to my tree in archery season at 530 am
Walking to my tree first day of rifle at 430 am
Knowing my wife and kids are always waiting at the cabin for me
The buck knife my dad gave me over 20 years ago always on my side
Being alive to do this
There are just to many thigs I love about hunting
having three or four jakes and or gobblers responding to your call at once.

sitting in my archery stand and having turkeys roost in the trees right next to it.

having 5 or more deer in front of your ground blind and not being able to move because they have you locked down.

talking about the days hunt at dinner with the crew.

going out in september scouting and calling does in to 10yds while sitting on the ground.

having a gobbler that locks up just out of range everytime and dedicating the entire season to just him.
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Having your son get his first Buck or Spring Gobbler and realizing that he is hooked for life..
Good thread

for me, it's the following...

The first day of rifle in the stand. Like others said, it's much different feeling.

Hearing the woods come to life as first light approaches.

Watching the squirrels chase each other around from tree to tree (although I hate it when they're so loud that you think it's a deer approaching)

Sometimes seeing a pheasant take off from a tree

Seeing turkeys come into a field or through the woods single file.

All the birds calling to each other throughout the day.

When on the mountain,the breathe-taking views in the fall during archery

Finally settling in your stand in the pitch black

Just relaxing in a stress free environment (at least it's stress free til your trophy appears lol)

Of course, your heart jumping when you hear a deer approaching

Your heart going up in your throat as you spot the deer approaching and unaware of you

Your particularness of when to raise up your gun or draw the bow when the deer is coming right toward you

Even if you end up with nothing at the end of the day, seeing a young kid with their first harvest proud as can be

The feeling of when the time is right to pull the trigger/release the arrow.

Seeing a non-shooter, but just appreciating being able to see them doing their own thing

This isn't in the woods, but when you harvest your animal, the satisfaction of enjoying a tasty steak or burger thanks to your precision marksmanship!

After your kill, wishing that your relatives that once hunted with you and passed on were with you first hand to experience it even though you know they are there in spirit

Thinking about real good times you had with those relatives that passed on while waiting for your targeted game species to appear

...Gotta love the sport, so much more than just killing!
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