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the joys of christmas

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so much fun! i got a layover run tonight to upstate ny. i might make it back for christmas day. hope everyone else has a nice holiday
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Drive carefully and I hope you make it back for Christmass in plenty of time.
Drive safe bro.
Be safe, if you make it back,bonus, if not you still gotta job...
Be safe! Merry Christmas to you and yours no matter where yer at!
So how'd you make out?! Side note: I just got my CDL 1 week ago!lookin forward to gettin started!Merry Christmas!
I hope you got back because tomorrow is supposed to be miserable.
made it in about 3 am on the 24th. getting ready to head out here in a few to warren and buffalo.
So you made it home for Christmas, but you didnt stick around, oh well
day and a half. life of a truck driver
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