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The hole that haunts me

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Story starts out with a buddy and I fishing stream that I fish pretty regularly. This stream gets both state stocked fish and by Trout Unlimited. We decided to fish further down than the usual spots that we have always fished for the last couple years. We eventually arrived at this hole that was 20 feet long by about 4 feet deep.

As I look thriugh my polarized glasses I could see a big grey blob just sort of swayin back and forth. I toss a spinner in and I notice that it does a real small chase. I tell my buddy there is a hog in here. As we are standing on a rock I noticed 2 more. Now that is three fish 18 inches or more in one hole. My buddy hooks one on a spinner (Frank's special) and I immediately drop my rod and get ready to land it. He gets the fish to shore, but of course I forgot the net. After grabbing the fish 3 times with my hands I it eventually breaks the line in my hand. The fish swims right back out into the hole spinner in his mouth.

Fast forward to this morning. I show up at the hole at 545a.m. After 15 minutes of no success drifting night crawlers I move down stream for a little. After about an hour I start makin my way back to the hole. I eventually go to move back up to the hole and notice that a gentleman is fishin in it. I ask if he got any of the big ones and he says yea a 20 inch. I ask if it had a spinner In its mouth and he said no. I move up above him and keep bouncing up stream while looking back every so often to see if he leaves. After awhile he does so and I move back down to the hole. 3 casts later I hook into one of the big ones. I fight the fish and net the fish a little while later. I put the fish on the stringer and into the water, to get out my measuring tape. About 5 seconds pass and he gives 1 big head shakeshake he pops it open and swims freely back into the hole. The fish was around 18 inches and 2-2.5 lb (rough guess). Then to make matters worse I could see the other big trout in the hole with the spinner in the side of its mouth shining brighter than a palimino in a low flow stream. So that was 2 fish that we have gotten to shore out of this hole that then eluded us to get back into the water, all within 24 hours. i guess I'm not supposed to be keeping anything out of this hole lol. That is the story of the hole that haunts me.
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