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DennyF said:
Also worth noting, that with the current boom in firearms and ammo sales, P-R funds (excise taxes on both items) are rolling in like they did back in late 2007 and well into 2008.

If they want to "steal" those funds, nothing like the present to try and pull it off.
Just to add to this, the "Obama bump" as it has been termed by wildlife agencies really never subsided after 2007 and 2008 and I suspect the PR revenues will climb even higher this year. Many states are getting so much money from PR that they are starting to have trouble finding matching funds for it to get the full apportionment. This is particularly true in states that receive general funding which has been cut by 40% or more over the past 4 years.

If states cannot fulfill the matching requirements and have large amounts of the funding left on the table, this will undoubtedly send up a red flag to the politicians that the funding may not be needed. If this happens, I suspect The WSFR laws may be amended from their current forms. Dingel-Johnson has already experienced this in the past but PR has been left virtually unchanged since passed in the 1930's.

Although some folks may disagree, many state wildlife and fisheries management agencies are trying to become more independent as they are already having to finds ways to fund their operations outside of general funding. The PGC and PFBC models may be much better off then previous believed by folks wanting the agencies combined under another state agency.
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