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The Best Laid Plans...

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I decided to use this past Friday evening after work to plan a nice south-facing slope solo-stalk for the morning with my slug gun in hopes of filling one of my remaining doe tags for 2B. So I studied the satellite maps and found a nice slope almost a thousand yards long that would surely house a few bedded deer and provide me a shot or two if I played it right. I planned where I would enter the woods, where I would exit, how and where I would traverse the valleys and gullies, where to zig, where to zag, etc., etc…

But when I got out of the truck just before sunup on Saturday morning, I noticed the wind was much stronger than 5-10 mph predicted by the local weatherman, and it was coming out of the south/southwest. I was walking across the top of the hill toward my destination and I started thinking that maybe the deer would not take too kindly to bedding with such a cold, strong wind blowing in their faces. So at the last minute I tossed my plan out the window, made a quick left and decided to hunt the northeast (lee) side of the hill instead.

I found my usual turkey hunting spot, kicked the snow away from the base of an old oak tree and sat down. I barely got settled in when a doe came out of the thicket about 40 yards to my left. I raised the Mossberg up, settled the cross-hairs onto her sweet spot and slowly squeezed the trigger.

Tagged and dragged out of the woods before 9:00 a.m.

Plans are good, but you have to improvise sometimes.
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