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Price was just right at Cabelas...Found a Prohunter barrel on the clearance rack...there were other calibers there too..On clearance because the packaging was older then the 2010 packaging.
Started to think about all those windy days I try to hunt chucks with the 17 Center fire...Would it not be nice to use a 30 caliber gun to hunt woodchucks on windy days?
I found the Speer 125 grain TNT HP works good in this barrel...Got the groups down below 1/2 inch in a 30 cal gun yet..
just weanted to know if there are other Encore user that might use a 30 Cal HP bullet to hunt chucks?
The IMR 8208 XBR powder worked great with the 30 Cal 125 Grain Speer TNT bullet...Reloader 15 worked great too...
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