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The 2022 - 2023 Penguins Thread

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It's a hockey night, and five minutes in the Pens have put up three already. Word is that Matt Canada DID NOT script the first five line changes....馃槃

Let's go lads, 82-0!
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Yeah, they took care of business last night, for sure. As they should have. Tampa Bay is probably gonna be a little tougher.
He's on pace for 82 goals!
Well they got it done again. It's a long season, so it's always good to see them getting two points early.
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Would like to see the PK doing a little better but, in light of the results so far, that is kind of nitpicking. On to Montreal!
Well, they let one slip away. At least Geno seems to be sharp.
Well, they threw a solid beating on the Kings. It is a good sign when lots of different guys are scoring.
I really wish they wouldn't screw around for half the game before getting serious.
Yes, those two numbers are embarrassingly close...for the Steelers. I dont think the Pens can keep it up on this road trip, tho.
They aren't exactly lighting it up out there.
It wont get any easier either.
Well, Boston is pretty good.
Yep, but Marchand is still a douche.
Without a doubt.
What the heck is going on? I know they aren't as fast as they think they are. But Sullivan is a good enough coach that he should be able to alter the style a bit to suit what his guys are actually capable of. Why isn't this happening? They are heading into the territory where someone gets traded or some other big shakeup ensues.
Kapenan was scratched...but not for long enough. I hate that they resigned that guy for anything over league minimum.
Seems like they are getting their act together.

The whole team doing the Geno pregame stretch routine before last nights game was pretty funny.
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Good lord, Letang had a stroke. Hopefully he is alright, regardless if he can ever play again.
Hope thats true. That is the kind of thing that makes you forget the game and just worry about the guy. Especially since he's had more than one.
The GM said no one guy can replace Letangs minutes. It is to be divided among the group.. At the beginning of the season, they were supposed to have 9 NHL caliber defensemen on the roster. I guess that depth will get tested.
The power play is horrible right now.
Who would have imagined that Kapenen would be the guy to get the PP going?
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