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I wanted to thank everyone for all the help/input/feedback on the slug gun. Went out and started to sight in, as soon as I got out to 100 yds - I could not get adjusted right, it was left, adjust it back to the right, would shoot even more left, ran out of shells and had to run out to the store......

- On an off topic note - Yes, I have shot out past 100yds before, never had a problem. So I feel comfortable shooting at an animal at that range.

Came home, made sure all the screws were extra tight on the scope - did not seem like they were. Cleaned the barrel out real good, back I went.

Seem to be fine now. Last 2 shoots are bull and couple inches to the right - 100 yds. I think it was the combo of tightenig the screws and a good cleaning.....

Can you say sore shoulder.......

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