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Kathy, i just wanted to say THANKS for all you have done here at HPA as a part of the Moderator team, not only in the woman's forum but all over the board in offereing help and information to those that need it.

If I remember right, you really hit the ground running here as a newbie and really brought alot of energy and inspiration to many here at HPA on many fronts and issues.
I for one hope that continues or better yet increases as your time spent on the work part of HPA now frees up.

I enjoyed being a HPA Mod teammate with ya, but enjoy being a HPA member with ya even more. Keep the good stuff coming.



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GalThatFishes said:
Looking forward that pension check we discussed
If you get yours before filing a discrimination suit with ERISA! LOL

Kiddin aside...thats much Gal in volunteering your time to help mod our site!! You did a fine job indeed!!
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