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I have shot them. They have a great trigger, noise is reduced by the limb system and they use really good optics. Ten point offers the best cranking system out there. They are a bit front heavy. My 2010 price shows $999. with Acudraw 50. They are part of the Six Point line.

If you move up to the Turbo XLT you get a much more user friendly bow and they are priced at $899 with the Acudraw 50. Same trigger, very light and compact, not front heavy and the same great optics. This is my personal favorite in the Ten Point lineup. If you hold it, you will know why.

A quick glance at the crossbows priced under $999 shows many options. The whole Parker line, almost all of the Excalibur line and even the Scorpyd RDT 125.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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