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Here's a good one...

A Shippensburg teen found guilty of fishing in Dykeman Pond last year was declared not guilty in Cumberland County Court Tuesday.

Judge Kevin Hess issued the verdict on the 15-year-old boy.

The boy, the son of John Hammond, was one of six juveniles found guilty of defiant trespass and fishing in protected waters in a September 2009 decision by Magisterial District Judge Harold Bender.

The case stemmed from incidents at unspecified times during the spring that resulted in trophy trout from Dykeman Pond left dead on the pond’s banks.

Defense attorney Mike Palermo says Hess agreed with arguments made by John Hammond during the September hearing before Bender.

Palermo says the principal witness brought in the case by Shippensburg Police Chief Fred Scott — a teenager who pleaded guilty to his crimes at the pond — could not specify what time of year, what time of day or “even what the sky looked like” when Hammond was alleged fishing at the pond.

Palermo says testimony Tuesday established that “no fishing” signs posted at Dykeman Pond are unauthorized and invalid.

The signs are intended for the small fenced hatchery at the back of the pond, Palermo says, and the Borough of Shippensburg — owners of the pond — have no ordinance prohibiting fishing at the site.

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