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Tasco info

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I have a World Class scope I bought from another member awhile ago. I mounted it on the rifle and took it to the range a couple weeks ago. It shot ok; I had it on the highest setting the entire time. I got it back to the range the other day, and noticed that when I changed the power settings, the crosshairs tilted! I know Tasco claims to have a limited lifetime warranty on these scopes; does anyone have an email address I could write and get some more info?
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Go here and just follow the instructions on the return and it will take about a month to get it back
but they will repair or replace with a scope of equal or greater value
Quack...I had a TASCO World Class where the x hairs let go. I sent bak & after happening the second time to a new scope they sent me...gave it to the kidos to use a a rattle to play with! It was on a heavy recoiling 300 winnie so mebbie thats what caused. done with Tasco.
Unfortunately, Tasco is rated one of the worst quality scopes on the market. Go with a high end Bushnell or Simmons if you must, but you can get a Nikon for almost the same price and a much better scope.
Oh yeah, Tasco will charge you $10 plus you pay the shipping to them if they still have it set that way. I bought a Tasco rangefinder and it fell apart inside after only one week. Their replacement lasted three weeks. Too bad i didn't know Loggy then, or I would have donated it to him for another baby rattle.
LOL gentleben!! Not to totally run down TASCO or anything...I must say the TASCO scope rattling sounds were
better than some of the best rattles the mrs got at Toys R US for the kidos plus price differential wasnt all that much!!
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i've had a couple tasco scopes back in the day and never had an issue with them. I have a BSA now on my 22mag and have had zero problems with it save for the squirrels turn into actors on the set of Matrix when I start shooting.
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