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nomad_archer said:
So for you guys that take notes each trip out.

What info do you track?

How do you track the info is it a notepad, phone app, something else?

How do you get quick measurements of each fish?

What insights does the accumulated data provide?
I use a note pad and record while fishing. I have marks on my rod that I use for measuring the trout.

The info I record is:

Trout species
Wild or stocked
What each fish was caught on (spinner, plug, spoon, etc.)
regulations (general, C&R, etc.)

Hours fished
Water temperature

I make note of the conditions; i.e. sunny, cloudy, water clarity, stream flow gauge height.

The accumulated information tells me what was effective and what wasn't effective under the conditions. It tells me when I should go to that stream and also when I should not go there. For example, two streams where I target big trout fish terribly when it's sunny. I didn't know that before I started keeping notes. Data collection has helped me drastically reduce the number of poor outings I have.

I load the data into a spreadsheet that I created. It accumulates the data, summarizes it by day, month, and year to date.
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