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Taking Crossbow into Canada?

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Because of my accident in the fall I moved my bear hunt from the outfitters fall Maine camp to his spring New Brunswick camp. I tried to look up the paperwork that may be required for taking a crossbow over the boarder and back but it didn't seem to address bows, just firearms.

Anybody know if you need to do the CAFC 909 & US 4457 forms for crossbows?
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Pepsi's Dad said:
Call The Authorities , try to speak to the chap in charge of The Bordor Checkpoint that You are crossing or leave it Home
Leave it home??? It would be difficult to insert the arrows into the bear manually!
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Thanks TBrom.

What you said jives with what I found on-line yesterday. Guess I'll have to pick up a case for the bow so I'm good on the hunt.
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