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On most every ride I go on I carry the following.

2.5 gal of gas
tow rope
tool kit
tire plugs
tire plug kit
air compressor
basic first aid kit
extra gloves
sweatshirt/rain poncho
emergancy blanket
spare $20(I normally leave my wallet back at the truck)
some sort of Id that I have photo copied that way if someone finds me they know who I am.
registration and insurance

and thats just the basics. there is normally alot more stuff I carry. depends on the day and weather. being the leader of a ride normally I like to have maps compass and have a few extras of those items that people normally forget. goggles or safety glass's for instance. gloves stuff like that.

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I ain't going to list everything because I probably carry too darn much. But I have to in a way because my friends are losers and if they have more than 1/2 a tank of fuel I consider them very well prepared , so they usually need something I got ............. they don't replace what they use very well tho. I continue to swear that someday I will get a better class of friends , but for now they will have to do.
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