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T/C warranty

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I just spoke with a guy from track of the wolf and he claimed that the lifetime warranties in T/C flintlocks are basically void now that they quit making them.
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Read bits and pieces over the past year that TC warranties were slowly being diminished. First it was any gun and any time. Then it was original owner only. Now they are claiming some parts are unavailable. This problem started years ago with the Patriot Pistol. The way thompson carved the wood, made the stocks prone to breaking. They have refused Patriot stock replacement for almost ten years now.

There is another way to look at it. Is it really that good a product if it needs so much warranty work?
Spoke to a T/C rep. about flintlock repair last month. The Rep. said they were still doing warranty repairs, and planned on reopening the custom shop next year.. Time will tell.
They told me that same song and dance when I ordered a Custom Renny thru their CS.Three years later and still no rifle.
Last year I was told the custom shop was opening this year!!
S&W gutted T/C Arms!!!
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