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T/C Omega

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Just got my year end bonus at work, and I think I'll give in and purchase an inline. Im leaning towards T/C due to being made in the USA. The Omega and Encores caught my eye, but I do not need anything with interchangeable barrels; just a strict inline muzzleloader.

The Thompson Center Omega .50 cal Muzzleloader Grey Thumbhole Stock/ Fluted Stainless is ontop of my list.

Any opinions or recommendations???
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Omegas are very accurate...Try triple 7 or blackhorn 209...Try different bullets in it...Also you do not need 150 grains of powder in it..100-110 is good..
Have A T/C Omega 50 Cal. in the Black synthetic.

Have owned it quite a few years with no problems and quite a few whitetails to it's credit along with one coyote.

It performs well with(2) 50 gr white hot pellets and 295 gr. powerbelts.
Good choice! I've been shooting my Omega since 2004 and have no complaints. I shoot 80gr. of 777, MMP sabot and 260gr. Speer hollow point. Will shoot 1", 3 shot groups at 100yds all day if I do my part.
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I have a omega. 105gr of blackhorn and a 300gr fpb. tight little shamrocks all day. I did some research on omega vs encore. Its posted in this section. Pretty much anyone that has had both said they shoot exactly the same.
I started with the Encore and love that gun but I had a chance to buy an Omega and find myself using that all the time. It is the laminated stainless thumbhole stock. Both guns shoot my load equally well which is 120 grains of losse Triple 7 behind the Barnes 250g Expander bullet. I have seen Cabelas has had the FX on sale for $469 which really has me tempted which is basically the Encore without the ability to switch the barrels - has a longer barrel which would give more efficient powder burn for larger charge levels.
You surely wouldn't go wrong with either but I'm very partial to my Omega. 90 grains of loose 777 with T/C 250 grain shockwave will shoot ragged holes all day long. They are very accurate, well balanced, and an easy carry in the field.
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