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Hey Guys , I've been honored for the first time at coordinating an event for physically challenged / special needs children . This is not your ordinary charity or benefit ride , we will actually be giving the children rides in our Side X Sides . Many of us understand how appreciative these children are to be able to try anything most of us take for granted every day . For this very reason , the event idea was born . The event will be at Mines & Meadows ATV / RV Resort in Wampum Pa. June 6 . 2010 10 am - ??? . I am NOT nonprofit affiliated so myself and a few good people are currently funding things so far . That said , if anyone would like to help or donate a child oriented type service or would like to be a driver it is very appreciated. I can't post the flyer pdf format , so if you would like a copy of the event flyer , please e-mail me at (r n m [email protected] ) spaced to read easier , and I will attach it to a reply . I'm currently working on aquireing a large tent to protect the kids for the event , help funding their event T-shirts and any food services you may think of . Sure hope you SXS guys can make it and help us create alot of smiles .

Thanks , Rick.
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