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Does anyone use this powder in their flintlock? I picked up a pound of this several years ago thinking I would try different powders and loads in my two Thompson Centers but never did. I had used Goex 2F for awhile and just used the last of the Elephant 3F I had. The grains of the Swiss look similar in size to the Goex 2F. My Hawken shoots .495 roundballs well with .15 patches and 80 grains of Elephant 3F so wondered what a comparable load of Swiss 1 1/2 Fg might be. Thanks for any info.

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Not only changing grain size you're also changing powder brands which probably have a different burn...

Can guess all day...But probably going to have to go back to load development..

Off the top of my head I think it's a 10-15% difference between 2F and 3f. Say going from 100gr 2f Goex load to a 3f Goex load...You'd likely compare around 85-90gr of the 3f.

Again...That 10-15% is off the top of my head...I've gone to 3f in my barrels now so been a while since I thought about it..But 10 or 15% sticks in my head...

Again, different powders likely have a different burn..That in itself might have more of an effect than the grain size...
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