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Sweat equity

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Took some free time today on the 4th to hang two new stands for the fall. Man, bout died in the heat and still feel a bit dehyrated.

Been wanting to get some new sets up and it feels good to get it done. Pretty much good to go for this fall other than trimming up my shooting lanes in August and running a few cameras in a couple of weeks.

Now I can do some 3D shoots and play around with the bows a little. Want to play with the brace height on my Excalibur a bit. I have mine set just ahead of the rear hash mark as most say this is the "sweet spot" for Excals? I plan on playing with it a bit though to see of my groups are affected.

Anyone else play with their brace heights on their Excal and what did you find if anything?
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I know what you mean about the heat. I've found the same about the brace height, just in front of the rear hash mark seems to be best on most of them.
i'm running mine a string width ahead of it all know how my exocet have been shooting too
....anything farther ahead of that and you will start pounding harder on your bow.......bob

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Run my Vortex just ahead of that mark as well.
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