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I was contacted by a Game Commission Officer tonight. A gentleman who was a trapper from the Seward area recently passed away. At the time of his death it is believed that he had over 100 traps out. Nobody knows where all his line is.

I do not feel comfortable putting his name in open forum. I will provide it to anyone who requests it via PM. I am sure that other trappers in Westmoreland, Cambria and Indiana Counties have encounter him on his line as I have over the past 10 years.

I always met him as we crossed paths on our water lines. I know he was a big raccoon, mink and muskrat trapper. I don't know if he did any land trapping for k9s.

The Game Commission had already recovered several of his traps but it is unknown what may be left. The Game Commission is asking anyone who may come across any of his sets to contact the SW Regional Office.
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