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Surf fishing this time of year

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I am heading down to the southern tip of the Eastern Shore (bayside) between Christmas and New Year's. I am new to saltwalter fishing, but I am hoping to get out and do a little surf/pier fishing when I am there. Anyone have any experience fishing that area this time of year? I heard stripers should be biting now, but I have no idea how to fish for them or what else I might expect to catch. Any advice on bait, rig, tide,... would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Check out Kiptopeke State Park(see also <span style="font-weight: bold">below</span> plus link):

Also, Chris's Bait & Tackle in the area would be an excellent source on where to fish and what rigs etc are best:

On the out Steve's on whats going on in the surf(Assateague Island):
December is a good mth for stripers but Sandy has adversely impacted many areas plus has limited beach access in many areas.

Best of luck!

<span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="text-decoration: underline">Kiptopeke State Park:</span> FISHING, BOATING: Fishing: The concrete ships located off the park鈥檚 waterfront offer some of Virginia鈥檚 finest fishing. For the land-lover, a large fishing pier with picnic tables and lights to attract fish is available. No fishing licence is required from the pier, but a valid Virginia saltwater fishing licence is required for fishing from the shore. Those pier fishing who are over 16 and do not have a Virginia saltwater fishing license must, however, register with the free Virginia Fisherman Indentification Program. Pier fees apply (adults, $3/day; children, $1/day; adult coupon book, $20). The southern beach is great for surf fishing and beachcombing. Boat Launch: Motorboats are allowed. The ramp has 4.5-foot mean low water. Parking limited to 70 boat trailers. Because parking is limited, campers who wish to park their trailer at the boat launch area must pay $3. There's no charge for boat launching for camping guests who park trailers at their campsite. Kayaks must be launched from only the south beach, not from the boat ramp or north swim beach. Click here for park fees. Purchase an annual boat launch passport by calling 1-800-933-PARK.</span>
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Thanks Loggy. I will check out Chris's. According to their website, it looks like it has been a good month for stripers in the Kiptopeke area. I think there is also a bait shop in Cape Charles I want to check out. I'll let you know how it goes.
Your welcome...Look forward to your report when your back.
Had a great trip to the Eastern Shore, but unfortunately, no fish. Between the storm on Wednesday and high winds yesterday, I only made it out a few hours this morning. Had fun just getting out, but nothing biting on what I was offering (plastic eels). Anyway, looking forward to getting down here again soon.
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