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Supreme Court Denies NY CCW Case

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As the debate over gun rights heats up on Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court on Monday denied a petition to hear a challenge to a key provision of New York state’s restrictive gun laws.

The high court without comment refused to take up a petition challenging a lower court’s upholding New York state’s requirement that citizens prove “proper cause” to carry a weapon for self-defense outside the home......

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in November in favor of the state.

“Our review of the history and tradition of firearm regulation does not ‘clearly demonstrate’ that limiting handgun possession in public to those who show a special need for self-protection is inconsistent with the Second Amendment,” Judge Richard C. Wesley wrote in the November opinion.

A group of New Yorkers challenging the requirement asked the Supreme Court in January to take up the case......

The question of whether or not carrying a gun for protection outside the home is a constitutional right is also being litigated elsewhere in the country.

A federal court in February denied a petition to rehear a December ruling that declared an Illinois law prohibiting people from carrying concealed handguns in public unconstitutional. The court had given the Illinois legislature 180 days to pass some kind of concealed-carry law.

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has said he wants state Attorney General Lisa Madigan to appeal to the Supreme Court, but Ms. Madigan has indicated she wants to see what the legislature comes up with before making a decision.;utm_medium=RSS
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They to busy on the gay rights to take up any thing from the bill of rights that has been writen.They can't make any new rights with a gun case
Yes I do have a better System the one that our Fonding Fathers gave us! Not the one we have now
How the yote is counted to repersent the Rural Aeras?How many people do you know right now that whole the same ideas as you but do'nt vote?I khow many that are complaining right now to me.So I try to convice them if want things to change and no vote you are letting other people in the citys that have all the power. We have to get the unvolved to become involved in the proess.I try to do that ever time someone starts complain to me do you vote, how come you don't. Don't let them try to give you some kind of excuse.
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