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Support Sky - Cancer Bracelets

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Doug has these for sale if anybody would like to purchase one to support sky. They are $3 a piece. Send him a PM if youd like one
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A member of has a young niece is going through cancer and in need of some help with medical bills. She is only 14 and a freshman in highschool. "Sky has been diagnosed with Primary Medialstinal B-Cell Lymphoma (Non-Hodgekins). She is being treated at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Children's Center in Baltimore, Maryland. My sister has not been working for a while and won't be working while she takes care of Sky. They need financial assistance to pay for medical expenses and basic day to day expenses. (They have no medical insurance - though have applied for medical assistance.)" That quote is from the original post which can be found here....

This is how it will work...

1) Post the amount you would like to bid as a reply to the thread (PLEASE NO OTHER COMMENTS, make a separate thread or message me with any comments/questions).

2) EVERY dollar the call sells for will go to Buckeroo's family to help cover medical costs. Once the winner is announced at the end of the auction, the winner will send the payment to Buckeroo. Once he receives it, the call will be sent to the winner (more on this later)

3)PLEASE be generous. This is for a great cause and even if you don't win, please consider sending a donation if you can swing it. Here is a link to donate if you would like to do so...every little bit helps
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