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I predominantly fish for trout the majority of the year, but I do like to get out for bass in the summer months especially when the streams are low and the water temps start to rise in the SE.

I got to a small lake in Bucks County last night a little before 6. I had only fished this lake a couple times before and that was on bright, sunny days. When I arrived there was only one other person fishing. On my second or third cast I caught a decent bass on a chartreuse Zoom lizard (my most productive plastic for bass). Next cast I hook into a monster sunny - always fun to reel in those "pan sized" sunnies. I fished for another half hour and nothing. I moved to another spot and after 20-25 minutes, I caught another half-decent bass. Thirty minutes later I moved again and caught a small bass. Up to this point in the night, the action just never picked up the way I was expecting it to.

It was 7:45 and I was debating heading home, but then I noticed that the parking lot was starting to fill up with fishermen. With all the people there to fish, I figured that the bite must really pick up near dusk and decided to fish on.

I found a decent spot right near the parking lot so at least I would be close to the car. I was watching everyone around the lake and didn't see anyone pulling in anything. As a last ditch effort, I decided to tie on a shallow diving Rapala Shad Rap (sunfish pattern) and if nothing hit by 8:30, I would leave. It was around 8:20 and I had a nice hook-up and landed a 10" crappie. A few casts later and I hit a real nice bass and followed it up on the next cast with another decent bass. Okay the bite is finally turning on!

A few minutes later I have a huge hook-up and the drag goes screaming. I'm fighting this fish for a good 10 minutes and at this point there are some spectators gathering around me. The fish was staying deep so I assumed it was a giant catfish (I have caught numerous catfish on this lure in similar conditions). Boy was I wrong. Ended up being the biggest bass I have ever caught. Luckily I had one of the spectators take a few pictures before I released the fish unharmed. Not sure how big it was as I didn’t have a scale, but everyone's best guess was around 7lbs. Seems like dusk is the time to be at this small gem of a lake!

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