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Im looking for sugestions for bullet types for my hunting arms.
I have a 300 win mag a 30/06 and a .243 that I basically have zero components for.
Typically my dad would make up some reloads for me but his focus would be getting the smallest groups.
That is fine but an extra .5 moa doesnt really concern me as much as the performance of the bullet.
I use the 300 for black bear in PA
30/06 for deer about up to 200 max yards
.243 for calling predators.
As far as buying factory loads I really like the rem 180 corelocks for the 30/06 I personally have no preferance for the others.
So I'm looking to buy some components and need advice on what to buy. It would be nice if there would be a common powder suitable for all 3. I will be using my dads press and learning the processfrom him. I think we need to get an updated reloading book with pressures and loads because I am not sure if his old one will have the most current data (its probally 10-15 years old). I am sure there is new powders and components that would not be listed in his old book.
any recomendations on a reloading book as well? Or a website?
thanks in advance
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For the .300 and the .06 I would get some Hornady 165 gr boat tails, IMR4350 powder, Rem 9 1/2 primers and Winchester unprimed brass. As fr .243 been too long since I have loaded for it.
<span style="font-weight: bold"> For your 300 & 06 , I'd give Barnes 150gr. TSX a try...</span>
Thanks for your replys. Do these preform well on deer and bear size game? I'm not sure what happens with the corelock ammo but if I hit them good the deer dont go anywere.
180 gr Nosler accubonds perform excellent out of my 300 wsm which would be on par with your 300 win.
sip, if you use your 300 or 06 for bear the 180s are a good choice. as for deer, the 06 use the 165s. less chance of shooting through a deer. the 243 i shoot 85 grain spire tips. you can also use 100 grain bullets too. all three calibers can be loaded with IMR 4350 powder. if you need a new loading book hornady and sierra books are a good choice. good luck.
300 Wm - h4831sc or RE22 and 180 partition
30-06 - imr4350 or Imr4895 and 150-165 partition
243 - imr4064 or 3031 and 58 vmax loaded to book overall length. Jump them a lot! They like jump!!!
thanks for all the help.
for the .300 I'd try Barnes TTSX in various weights. The 180's shoot best in my dad's .300 WSM. The 168's also shoot very well
IMR 4350 and IMR 4064 always worked for me in .243 and 30-06. 40 to 42 gr of IMR 4350 behind a 95 to 100 gr 6mm bullet. 53 to 55 gr of IMR 4350 behind a 165 gr .30 cal bullet. I don't remember the powder wt for IMR 4064, but I know it was sweet in my .243 with 85 gr bullets. I also used 4064 in my .308's and .35REM.
300 wm, be careful how many bullets you buy under 180 grains, a lot of 300 winnies will not shoot well with that light of a bullet because of barrel twist. Not saying yours will not, just a heads up from what i have experienced.
30-06- imr 4064 and any 150 grain bullet and find the load your rifle likes and it will not matter on deer sized game to 200 yards.

243- 95 grain nosler bts are my choice, however as long as you stay 85 grain bullet and above for a factory sporter barrel your gun will shoot and you will drop coyotes. most 243s, (unless they are a heavy barrel varmint rifle) are not twisted correctly for 80 grain and under bullets. They may shoot ok, however if they shoot decent bump up to a heavier bullet and they will shoot better.

hope this helps, lenny
you cant go wrong with IMR 4350 for your 30-06. as for the .243 i found varget works really well. and the 300 short mag try H4350, i made a good load for the 300WSM with H4350 and 180 grain accubonds.
IMR 4350 will cover your 300, 30/06 and 243. I use it for some of my 180gr 300 loads, 165gr and 180gr 30/06 loads and 75gr and 95gr 243 loads.
bownut said:
300 Wm - h4831sc or RE22 and 180 partition
30-06 - imr4350 or Imr4895 and 150-165 partition
243 - imr4064 or 3031 and 58 vmax loaded to book overall length. Jump them a lot! They like jump!!!
This is the ticket!
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300 wm - h4831 with either 180 or 200 grain accubonds

30 06 - h4350 with 165 grain accubonds

243 - h4350 with 90 grain accubonds

All with federal match primers. 215 for the win mag and 210 for the others.
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